Today's Date Sunday, 18 Feb 2018

Our company is focused primarily on providing clients with quality technology services at an affordable rate. Our email newletters also offers valuable articles, tips and advice on how to keep your computer systems functioning at an optimal level of performance.  Please contact us if you would like to be added to our database.

  o  Is your computer too slow?
  o  Is your internet connection unreliable?
  o  Do you have a computer virus? Getting lots of pop-ups?
  o  Is your environment secure?
  o  Do you need a server? Is your data being backed up?
  o  What if your computer crashes, will you lose all your data?
  o  How do you recover "lost" data?

Document Clean up - Struggling with a PDF document you need modified, or have a Word, PowerPoint or Excel document that just wont work right?  We will fix it in no time.

ACT Databases - Need to share your ACT Database now that your company is growing?  We setup and maintain ACT installations.

Quickbooks - Need to share your quickbooks application with your temp or permanent staff? We assist you with this and provide any needed support.

Share your Internet and Printer - Need to connect your PC, LAPTOP and Printer so that you can share the internet.

New clients please note, we offer a free phone consultation to determine your exact needs. We provide in person (on-site) and remote support. To request our services please use our ONLINE SUPPORT Ticketing System or call us at  1.888.882.1194.  Emergency same day service (1-4hr response) will attract additional fees.